Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with epic ideas and a drive to change the world?

Are you looking for ways to up your game—without working yourself into zombie mode in the process?

Do you want to get more done, so you can make a bigger dent and earn more money?

You’re on a mission to contribute to the greater good, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

Right now, you’re spending most of your hours developing your business and your vision, creating groundbreaking videos, podcasts and programs that shake things up and stretch the status quo.

But if we’re being honest, it’s taking up nearly all of your energy and sanity. (And the open counter spaces in your house).

At this point, your body weight is like 65% caffeine from all the coffee you’re drinking to keep up with your passion. Your brain is buzzing with ideas from dawn until dusk, and you have no clue how you’ll ever be able to accomplish everything and still live a meaningful life.

Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your dream (who has time to sleep? I’m hustling here!)

Losing your mind, your marriage and your health in the name of profit

Living and working in isolation, only leaving your laptop to get the mail and walk your dog (Take note: entrepreneurship does NOT have to be so lonely)

Grinding tooth and nail to reach the next level of your business and the top of your industry (Then I’ll rest, swear to God)

Leverage your time, so you can be successful in your business and all other areas of your life?

Hustle wisely, so all of your work is hyper-focused, intentional and results-driven?

Connect with entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries who are leaving blazing hot legacies and changing the world in huge ways?


Amplify Your Dreams Tour gathers entrepreneurs, innovators, and movers and shakers with bold dreams and big drive, all together in one room for three jam-packed days of high-performance training, profound connections and extraordinary transformations that will leave you asking, “ Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Hosted by one of only 300 Certified High-Performance Coaches in the entire world, with local rising star speakers and powerhouse attendees, this dynamic live event stands to deliver the very best strategies for expanding what’s possible for your life, your business, and your impact.

Exactly how do you turn up the volume on your life, so you can live vibrantly, boldly and fully ever after? This is where we create an existence so rich and so satisfying, it makes us say, “ Screw someday, let’s savor the here and now!”

You’ll discover high-octane and totally implementable ways to:

Enjoy every second of your life by using the power of presence

Live in this moment in front of you (not in the rearview or way, way in the future)

Get so intentional and focused that you can almost stop time (no wizardry required)

Increase your confidence levels to soaring status

Energize yourself physically and mentally so you can up your game day in and day out

Meditate like the pros do (Yes, this stuff works. No, you don’t have to be a yogi to do it.)

Summon your courage, get out of your comfort zone, and do the things you didn’t even know were possible for you

What are the keys to creating a successful, thriving and fulfilling business that you’ll wake up every morning thrilled to work in? And how can you apply the high-performance principles of giants to what you do, so you can grow leaps and bounds with less stress, less time and less hustle?

You’ll walk away with:

The secret productivity hacks that allow you to do more with less

8 ways to be so efficient, you’ll be rocking and rolling like a well-oiled machine

The know-how to leverage your time and your strengths so that you can fully focus on what you like to do instead of the stuff you dread

The 80/20 rule that allows you to delegate like a boss

A new-found love for your work, your business and what you add to the world

The alignment test that will allow you to shift, stretch or ditch anything that isn’t quite right for you

The keys for turning your day job into your life’s work

What matters more than the money you rake in? The impact you create. Learn how to add the humanity back into your business, so you can become the legendary leader you were born to become.

You’ll find out the groundbreaking strategies and tools for:

Becoming your own Oprah and owning your role as an influencer and leader

Connecting with anyone, anywhere, anytime

Turning your empathy into your superpower

Developing the communication skills that allow you to draw in a wider audience who loves you as well as what you do

Getting lion roarin’ courageous in the face of your fears

Finding clarity on the cause that’s driving you forward

Becoming your own hype human, so you can pump up your energy no matter what’s happening around you

Forget “ Who do I think I am?” mode. We’re gonna get you from shrinking to expanding.

Creating your legacy that lives long beyond your years


Who’s the person behind Amplify Your Dreams Tour?

Hi, I’m Yasemin Inal. My clients call me the AMPLIFIER. I started my company, Amplify Your Dreams back in 2012 with one single mission: To empower people to dream big once again. Why? Cause life is way too short for anything less than that.

As one of only 300 Certified High-Performance Coaches in the world, I’m here to help you reach your fullest potential in everything you do, from kicking butt in your business to living a meaningful life and all the joyful bits in between.

I believe everyone deserves the chance to become his or her best self. I created this Amplify Your Dreams Tour event to give YOU the power, the abilities and the resources at your fingertips to rise to the top and stay there as a high performer, an influential leader and a forward-facing entrepreneur.

Each of our speakers has been chosen based on how awesome they are and how much they have to share with you.

When: March 9-11, 2018

Where: Le Meridien Tampa, Tampa, Florida (Click here for discounted room rate!)

What you get: a ticket to 3 days of in-person high-performance training, networking, and transformation; live speakers teaching on their special expertise; access to Yasemin and the guest experts


A ticket to 3 days of in-person high-performance training, networking, and transformationLearning from guest speakers who will be training on their special expertise in entrepreneurship or personal growth

VIP ACCESS: (Limited Spaces)

Here are the bonuses you will receive as a VIP guest:

Priority seating closest to the stage

Gourmet luncheon served on both days at the venue without the hassle of you sweating around town to find food and rush back for the afternoon session

Super intimate group of like-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries so you connect better with everyone instead of being lost in a crowd

Private time with Yasemin, her team and all the guest experts to ask questions and gain insights that will help you amplify your life and business even further

A sneak-peek to behind-the-scenes (a backstage tour to see how Yasemin pumps herself before going on stage. She will actually show you EVERYTHING that she does backstage to pump up her energy levels)

Professional solo and group pictures as well as head shots that you can use for your website or branding to increase your know/like/trust factor with your audience

Morning Yoga and Meditation session on Day 2 with a local yoga instructor who will teach you how to amplify your presence, improve your breathing and posture

You could take the long way, climbing each painstaking step to the top on your own (and sweating the whole time).

Or you could push the elevator button to the penthouse and go straight there with Amplify.

As a former professor with more than a decade of teaching experience, I am beyond thrilled to support and donate 10% of our profits from this Amplify Your Dreams Tour event to She’s the First:

This way, we can AMPLIFY the lives and dreams of so many young girls. It’s not just a nice thing to do. I truly believe it’s my duty as an entrepreneur to give back in a massive way. Will you join forces with me to amplify the lives of many young girls around the globe?